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The Technology Difference

Title, Technology and Escrow Services for the Lending Industry

Dedicated to making it easier for you!

At American little Abstracts and Escrow Services, our technology for our ordering and processing your loan is in-house developed. A fully staffed technology department is continually upgrading and customizing our system to integrate with yours. We are committed to making a difference in your business, making it more convenient and easier for you to use us more than any other title company. We are completely paperless and our technology allows us to make an office in the borrowers home or workplace - wherever and whenever it's convenient to them.

Exceeding your expectations.

When you place an order through the customer login area of our secure website, our "push" communications system populates work queues throughout our processing departments. More than just an email order system, your data is stored and updated every step of the way in processing your request.

Instant emails deliver your title request, Closing Protection Letter and wire instructions within hours of your order. Our image based software provides you with payoffs as quickly as we receive them. When you are ready to close your transaction, your request for a preliminary HUD will take minutes for us to return to you. Upon your underwriting approval, and a clear to close request, your documents are integrated into our back office and are accessed by our closing department. Those documents are then accessed and printed by our closing agent staff and ready for your borrower to sign.

Reliable right down to the close.

At American Chartered Title & Integrated Loan Services, we understand that there is more to our service than delivering a title commitment within hours, communicating via instant e-mail throughout the process and closing when and wherever it's convenient to your borrower. We are dedicated to making the closing process smooth and easy and most importantly hassle free for your borrowers.

Every minute counts once the signing is complete. Using a staff of net branch processors, signed documents are scanned into our system within hours of the completion of closing. These documents are automatically uploaded to our system servers and are forwarded to your underwriting centers, reducing the time for the post-closing processing. You and your borrowers are also provided with a complete copy of the signed financials. Our post-closing communication and immediate contact with you and your borrowers upon funding reemphasize our professionalism and commitment to excellence.